Refinancing your home loan can provide an opportunity to streamline your debt, and potentially reduce the overall interest you’re paying on multiple debts through the process of “debt consolidation”. It means combining several high interest debts into one lower rate debt – which is normally your home loan – and reduce your total monthly repayments.

You could also be looking to refinance to secure a better interest rate or to switch to a fixed rate taking advantage of the current low interest rates, or you could simply be looking to access equity in your home.

Your home is more than likely your most valuable asset, and by harnessing home equity you have the opportunity to build additional wealth or simply achieve personal goals.

However, the refinancing path has many pitfalls to consider and you need to fully consider the costs and benefits of going down the refinance path. This is where Ezy-way Mortgages can help.

Contact one of our Home Loan Consultants and let us guide you through the process. We will review your current financial position, income, expenses and future plans – from there we’ll source the best loan to fit your requirements and budget.
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