Ezy-way Life Insurance

Now protecting your family is even easier with Ezy-way Life Insurance!
Ezy-way life insurance will provide your family with a lump sum payment in the event of your premature death, to ensure that they can repay the mortgage, cover school fees, meet the continuing living expenses and maintain their Quality of Life.

How would your family cope if you were not here?

Many Australian’s believe they have cover through their superannuation funds and most do, however we know from experience, that when it comes to needing to claim, most Australian’s are severely under insured – don’t be one of them.

For a small premium you can now protect your family with Ezy-way Life Insurance, which you can pay by credit card, direct debit or by a simple partial rollover from your existing superannuation fund and will provide you and your family with ‘peace of mind’ that in the event of the unthinkable occurring, they will financially secure.

How much cover do I need?

Many variations need to be considered such as; type of school, cost of childcare, is your spouse working and will they continue to work in their current capacity – however a very basic rule of thumb and good starting point is debt replacement plus 10 times your annual salary.

If you have a mortgage of $400,000 and earning $60,000 per annum, then you will need a minimum of $1,000,000. In the event of your death, the family would be able to pay off the mortgage and invest $600,000 to produce an ongoing income to the family. If this was invested at 5% your family would receive $30,000 per annum to cover living expenses.
How much does it cost?

Ezy-way Life Insurance is very affordable. For a 40 year old, non-smoker, cover of $1,000,000 is a little as $2.00 per day!


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