Ezy-way Income Protection

Most Australian’s insure their house, their contents, their cars and even their pets, but how would you survive without your biggest asset – your ability to earn an income?

With Ezy-way Income Protection you can insure your income in the event that you cannot work due to suffering and illness or injury. Ezy-way Income Protection will pay you a monthly benefit to ensure that you can continue to meet your financial commitments and concentrate of getting better and premiums can be 100% tax deductible.

Consider this – A 35 year old earning $65,000 pa (with 5% salary increases) will earn $4,318,525 between now and age 65. This will ensure that they and their family can pay the mortgage, pay school fees, enjoy a holiday and save for retirement.

How would you and your family survive if you could not earn an income because of an accident or illness?

1 in 6 people will suffer an accident or illness that will prevent them from working for over 3 months in their lifetime. With no income the pressure compounds, the mortgage doesn’t get paid, the children go without and your spouse may have to work longer, just to pay the bills.

How Much Does Income Protection Cost?

Income protection insurance can sometimes be more expensive than life insurance, but the income protection premiums can be tax deductible. Income protection insurance premiums may vary according to the following:

  • Age: premiums may increase or cover can decrease as you get older
  • Lifestyle: whether or not you smoke or participate in hazardous pastimes
  • Occupation: your work duties will be considered if they present more of a risk for injury
  • Waiting period: the time you choose to wait before receiving your first benefit payment
  • Benefit period: how long you will receive payments in the event of a claim
  • Policy style: agreed or indemnity value
  • Stepped and level premiums
  • Minimum working requirements